Payroll Service

Ultimate One-Stop Payroll Service that lets you focus on your core business

HR Compliance

Great support to keep your organization complies with the latest HR practices and regulation in Indonesia

Executive Search

We are experts in finding you the perfect candidates

Expatriate Service

We ensure foreign employees legally work in Indonesia

Business Setup

Enlightening Your Path to Indonesia

How Do I Know If My Business Need the Services?

What is the services?

We are passionate about exploring Human Resource services. Our core services is One-Stop Payroll Service added with HR Compliance, Expatriate Service, Executive Search, Business Setup and Business Process Services.

How Do I Know if the services Is Right for My Business?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may need our service. Our service can give you the solutions.

1. Do you want to perform non-business activities in Indonesia?
2. Do you want to establish an independent entity in Indonesia?
3. Do you want to hire employees?
4. Do you a start-up company that wants to focus on your core business?
5. Do you want to optimize your company payroll process?
6. Do you want to ensure that your company’s HR processes are up to date and comply with HR practices and regulations that apply in Indonesia?

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?
No, Our solutions adapt to all sized companies, from small-scale start-up companies to established multinational companies with various industries.
Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?
Yes, we provide ongoing Payroll and Human Resources consulting services.
Do You provide Service for Market Entry Companies?
Yes, we provide services for market entry companies that want to focus on analyze, develop a network and identify opportunities in Indonesia market before setting up a company.

About Us

Who We Are

We are a Human Resource service company with experienced and qualified consultants that offers the flexible, integrated and personalized solutions by understanding the unique needs of each client, whether small entrepreneurial start-up to multinational companies, across broad range of industries.

Choose Your Path

We are absolutely committed to finding and placing candidates into the best possible roles with companies based on their interests.

Job Hunting?

Talent Searching?

Latest Insight

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